Drive-Thru 10-Minute Oil Change

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Every Valvoline Express Care Drive-Thru 10-Minute Oil Change includes a thorough 20-point inspection of the major components on your vehicle, all while you stay safely in your car. Do you want to keep your car running smoothly with our fast & efficient drive-thru 10-minute oil change service? Read why an oil change is necessary.




Why is it essential to change the engine oil at the right time?


Regularly changing your motor oil is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. If you are a vehicle owner, performing regular oil changes will help you protect your investment and may also prevent costly repairs.

The essential factor of regular vehicle maintenance is making sure you change your oil frequently. Your car has to have its oil changed on a schedule if you want it to run smoothly. Having other car parts looked at while changing the oil is a terrific idea.

That’s why Valvoline Express Care Lube Express recommends changing your motor oil and replacing the oil filter every 3,000 miles. These regular 10-minute oil changes remove old, dirty motor oil and replace it with clean, top-quality CastrolĀ® motor oil — which helps ensure optimal engine function and helps extend the life of your engine.

Additionally, every Valvoline Express Care 10 Minute Oil Change includes a thorough Multi-Point Inspection of your vehicle’s fluids, filters, and major components. Checking these systems regularly — every 3,000 miles — helps prevent unexpected engine problems and costly repairs.

Our Metro Atlanta locations frequently offer 10-minute oil change specials and coupons, so continue to check our website for the latest offers. We also invite you to sign up for our Rewards program to receive complimentary tire rotations by purchasing any Castrol oil change.


How to Determine How Often You Should Change Your oil?


There is no set plan for when to change the oil in your car, truck, or SUV. This might have been true decades ago, but those times are long gone. These days, each car or truck has its unique requirements for the best possible performance on the road. You have to know what’s best for your car, just as with gas.

Fortunately, each automaker lists the exact specifications for each model. You may easily get these requirements at your neighborhood oil changing business. In addition, a variety of environmental conditions, including extremes in temperature, elevation, excessive mileage, and vehicle age, can affect oil quality.


10-Minute Oil Change Benefits


Although obtaining an oil change is reasonably short and easy, many drivers disregard it because they don’t realize it is essential to regular car maintenance. Here are the advantages of routine 10-minute oil changes are listed below.








Note on Extended Drain Intervals: Certain types of motor oil (e.g., synthetics) may be changed at extended intervals, but this depends on the vehicle and driving conditions (“normal” or “severe”). You should always check your vehicle owner’s manual and adhere to their guidelines at a minimum, but regularly changing your motor oil and oil filter is critical to the maintenance of any vehicle.